Coletivo contos de papel, Brazil

Kris is now part of a “paper story collective” led by Brazilian artist Liana Yuri that introduces bilingual school children in Sao Paulo to pop-up and paper puppet theatre. It’s been great fun interacting online with over a hundred happy kids, showing them a prerecorded video of The Wolf and the Monster (Kris’s unorthodox adaptation of Red Riding Hood), demonstrating the puppets live and participating in a simple pop-up making workshop.

Paper puppetry with Galia Levy-Grad

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kris is feeling very lucky to have been able to participate, along with people from all over the world, in two online courses in pop-up and paper puppetry with the talented Galia Levy-Grad! A specialist in pop-up and other forms of paper theatre, Galia is also a very warm and encouraging teacher. In weekly classes, Galia demonstrated a variety of set and puppet building techniques, assigned homework and gave valuable technical as well as aesthetic feedback. Her assignments, including a final group project (developed in virtual collaboration), were challenging but also lots of fun.