Bad Puppet

A lonely man's puppet and the red shoes of his beloved

A lonely man on his lunch break, a puppet with a mind of its own… Bad Puppet is a short piece about fantasy, longing, and the inner conflicts they can cause.

The concept was realized as a “flash performance” for camera in collaboration with director-producer Pierre Beaudoin and the team of the Canadian Public Broadcaster/Radio-Canada’s L’Atelier Culturel. Watch it here (in French) preceded by an interview and “making of”:

Méchant Guignol par Kris Fleerackers, Radio-Canada

Title: Méchant Guignol (Bad Puppet)

Concept and text: Kris Fleerackers

Cast: Kris Fleerackers, Mélanie Cossette

Producer, Director and Editor : Pierre Beaudoin

Camera : Camille Vernet

Duration : 8 minutes

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