Little Sister Grimm

Little Sister Grimm

Little Sister Grimm is a puppet show about the famous brothers Grimm, their little sister Lotte, and the earliest, unedited, and not-yet-Disneyfied version of “Snow White,” which had no stepmother, no huntsman and… no prince to the rescue! When little Lotte reads the freshly collected fairy tale of a princess paralyzed by her mother’s jealous rage, she comes up with a way of her own to revive the heroine.

The production combines elements from the world of books, fairy tale illustrations, paper toy theatres, as well as Flemish, Sicilian, Czech and Japanese puppetry traditions, and reaches across the boundaries of time and reality to rediscover the wisdom and empowerment of fairy tales. A story about reading, writing and storytelling, for children young and old.

Puppets, design, story, directing and performance: Kris Fleerackers

Story consultant & outside eye: Carine De Kock

Length: 40 minutes

Suitable for all ages

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