Dido and Aeneas, the Puppet Version

Dido and Aeneas is a 17th century opera composed by Henry Purcell with a libretto by Nahum Tate. It is based on a classical story about Dido, sad queen of Carthage, who finds romance and love when a dashing Trojan War hero washes up on her shore. But three evil witches, intent on her destruction, conspire to end her new-found happiness…

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Dido Carthage Henry Purcell giant puppet Phoenician

Inspired by early Phoenician art, queen Dido reflects the culture of Carthage, a city in North Africa she is said to have founded after being forced to escape from her Phoenician homeland.

Our puppet version was performed live by the singers and musicians of Vancouver’s Postmodern Camerata Society along with various types of puppets. Their design was inspired by ancient Greek and Carthaginian art of the period in which the story is set, as well as by the baroque style of Purcell’s own time, when Italian puppets had only just arrived in England, there to begin the famous Punch and Judy tradition.

  • Artistic Director: Kris Fleerackers
  • Conductor: Charles Barber
  • Singers: Melissa Howell, Alexandra Hill, Andrew Greenwood, Orla Brundrett, Fabiana Katz and CD Saint
  • Orchestra: Sarah Ho, Ji In Kim, Thomas Beckman, Brian Mix, Megan Bradfield
  • Harpsichord: Nicole Linaksita
  • Puppeteers: Kris Fleerackers, Mika Laulainen, Jacqueline Tryāček
  • Puppets by Kris Fleerackers, masks and dolls by Jacqueline Tryāček
  • Ligthing design by Mika Laulainen

(All performance pictures © Michelle Doherty, Diamond’s Edge Photography)

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