Puppetry (Falada Puppet Works)

Dido and Aeneas

Puppets always have something archetypal about them. More easily than actors they can represent creatures we would expect to encounter in a dream, beings from another world or people from long ago. There is magic in the way simple bits of cloth or wood, moved around by careful hands and breathed upon with word or song, become living creatures before our eyes. They owe this “life” not just to the puppeteers operating them but to the active imagination of their audiences. That is why, perhaps more than any other form of entertainment, they can mirror back to us both what is very private and what is universal.

Under the umbrella of Falada Puppet Works, Kris has created and animated various puppet types, from the traditional giants, rod marionettes and glove puppets of his home country to toys and household utensils. Working with puppets is a never-ending exploration…

Kris Fleerackers puppet 01


Little Sister Grimm

Dido and Aeneas, the Puppet Version


Bad Puppet

Covid-19 Puppet Mental Health


Puppet building


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